Thursday 19 January 2023

A beautiful and lovely baby Shea (Aqiqah Documentation)


Meeting Hanny and Satria again felt like turning back the time when we chatted remotely to discuss their pre-wedding photos and wedding ceremony.

The time difference that occurred (at that time Hanny & Satria were studying in Australia) did not hamper their event preparations. They are happy to discuss in detail what they want for the documentation of their wedding.

Six years later, we finally meet again to discuss the documentation of the ‘Aqiqah' for their dear daughter, Shea.

It still feels like before, Hanny and Satria are still warm and friendly. It's great to be reunited with the addition of a beautiful and adorable new family member.

Dear Shea, may you grow into a beautiful, healthy, strong and virtuous child and may you always be showered with love, as you are nurtured with the love from your wonderful parents.

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Thursday 31 December 2020

The Lucky Pair Who’s About To Share

Ever since the first time getting to know Safit and Rizki and their family several years ago, We've been impressed by both of them. Patient, humble, and loving, is something we will always remember from them. Coming back to an important event for Safit and Rizki is a special joy for us. 

Moreover, this event is an event that both of them and their extended family have been waiting for. In the 7th month of Safit's pregnancy, they both decided to hold a seven-month event or so-called Tingkeban. 

Tingkeban is a tradition in Javanese custom which is carried out to pray for the baby in the mother's womb to born in health, and away from various deficiencies and harms. This traditional ceremony is carried out when the womb reaches the age of seven months. Before this Tingkeban event was held, the event started with a recitation of the Holy Qur'an first. 

Aside from praying with the family, Safit and Rizki also called out the less fortunate children to be able to share happiness with them. We are very grateful and can again witness the happiness of Safit and Rizki and their extended family. We pray that they and their family will always be healthy and always in God's protection.

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A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters