Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Culture Revolve - Betawi & Flores

Hello! We’ve got one exciting thing and we can’t wait to share to y’all! For our latest project, we have collaborated with Dalang Indonesia to present you all with the majestic Indonesian culture. And this time, our photoshoot theme highlights the strong Betawi and Flores artistic culture. 
We’ve got a deep love for Jakarta as it has been our sole place where we stay and live. For that we reason, we chose to uplift Betawi’s culture. Also, we put soft pastel colors on show this time instead of the usual bright and fun colors with hope to inspire more bride-to-be and art enthusiasts out there. Dalang Indonesia helped us out in the making of the backdrop by pairing a pink pastel with a sky-blue Tumpal fabric together with a yellow flower in the centre.
On top of that, we unveiled Flores culture as an addition touch to our project. Last year, we had a chance to travel and explore Flores. The breathtaking scenery and the people’s warmth will always resonate us for a long time and we want you all to feel it, too!
 Dalang Indonesia built a forest miniature, which made us feel like we were in a real Flores nature. And the attire worn in the photoshoot is Tenun Ikat Flores called Dyes that made up of natural materials. It may takes around 6 months to a year to weave the textiles.
Lastly, Le Motion wishes this Culture Revolve project will show people the natural and cultural resources wealth of Indonesia is beyond imagination.

Model : @amiwaw
Makeup : @ochiipramita
Hair do : @ratnabela
Kebaya : @belsbee 
Top : @satustudios
Tenun ikat : @noesa.satu
Accessories : @noesa.satu
Decoration : @dalangindonesia
Photographer : @andriazmo
Stylist : @wiarpinaardin

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Woman's Bravery Project - Tantri Namirah

Namirah The Label by Tantri Namirah is undoubtedly the new sun in Indonesia's fashion industry. It embraces the monochrome colour into its design for an eclectic look. Namirah, or known by nickname Nay, is a firm believer of hard-work. With her mom's support, she began her career by being a fashion stylist for one of popular Indonesia's Fashion magazine. Then as soon as she created her own brand, she also plunged into the production process to be the Art director too.

What attracts us about her is the sheer and solid courage she has to build her career choice, to steeped in something that don't match her educational background. And we truly believe, her brave heart can inspire more women to cross the line and step forward!

Here is our full (and very candid) interview with her.

Le' Motion (L) :What word that pops up your head when you think of Fashion?

Namirah (N) : Fashion is free. Fashion is when you can explore yourself.

L : What made you dare to dive into the world of fashion?

N : Fashion is fun. Fashion is art. Fashion is a character. And everyone expresses themselves through different styles

L : After all these years, who is one figure that inspires you the most?

N :Biyan and Yohji Hamamoto.

L : Then, how do you define your own style?

N : Well I'd say sporty, or edgy look, and sometimes boyish, too.

L : So who is one figure that constantly inspire you to be brave?

N : Its my mom and it'll always be her. I learnt a lot from her own experience. One time, she was a lecturer back then, and she quitted her job and being a full time supportive mother at Jakarta. She is the best kind of mother anyone could ask for cause she is the one who inspire me to be brave.

L : What about yourself? Did your fears ever stop you from doing anything?

N : It is always seem impossible every time I think of my desire and pursue my dream to study fashion designing as my parents don't agree. Thats why I studied business as thats what they wanted me to.

L : Then what pushes you to get over your fears?

N : My dream that doesn't fade. I know that I could have and should have done more to really thrive my dream. I was thinking to myself, "I need to do it now!"

L : Is there any goals in life that you havent achieved yet?

N : Yes. I want my life to be perceived as an inspiration to a lot of people.

L : So how do you feel about yourself after all?

N : I feel absolutely free. Because I believe it takes courage to take a risk and it takes a risk to make a change. :)

Muse : Tantri Namirah
Photographer : Andri Azmo
Makeup : Ochii Pramita
Hair do : Rihan Abdat
Stylist : Wiarpina Ardin
Wardrobe : Namirah The Label

*The woman's bravery is one of Le Motion's agenda that aims to show pure courage women can have, which deserved to be recognized, respected and surely appreciated. On the whole, our goal is to inspire women to pursue their dreams and happiness in life freely!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Raihan's Tedak Siten (Adat Jawa)

A happy moment at this time comes from Sabrina and her little family. Sabrina and her husband have held a Tedak Siten for their child, Raihan. Tedak Siten is cultural heritage from Javanese community for babies aged about 7 to 8 months. Tedak siten ceremony is conducted as a series of events which aims to make the child growing into an independent child. Certainly in this event, there are full of prayers from the parents and family for the child who will grow up to be an adult later.

Tedak Siten ceremony is a form of gratitude from Sabrina and her husband, who have been blessed with a baby boy, so that they have more complete life. And surely, Tedak Siten ceremony has various meanings in each stage of the ritual. This indigenous culture is held as a tribute to the earth where the child sets foot on the ground for the first time, as a plea to God that in the future the child is given the ease, health, and success in his lives. 

The event was festive and full of joy. The event was also attended by relatives and families who deliberately wanted to enliven the event of Tedak Siten for little Raihan. A series of Tedak Siten ceremonies was guided by a host of Javanese custom namely Mrs. Mamie Hardo. Many times we collaborate with Mrs. Mamie Hardo and this time it looked a bit different because we were not working together in a marriage ceremony, but in the Tedak Siten event of this happy small family. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to capture Tedak Siten moment for Raihan. We hope that our work could be enjoyed until Raihan grows up later.